eBay Taps into Tango Messenger App for Ads

eBay Taps into Tango Messenger App for Ads

eBay, the online souk, taps into advertising on Tango messaging app that puts a stop to the in-app shopping tab it was operating, so that it can fully divert attention to advertising. Tango is now in cordial relationship with eBay.

With about 400 million universal users, Tango mobile messaging app keeps focusing on making money through advertising subsequent to shuttering the shopping part of its app, as declared in recent news by Eric Setton who is the CEO of TangoME Inc. Eric pointed out that 10 percent of many of the advertisers of Tango are retailers and eBay is experimenting with advertising in the Tango messaging app.

eBay was attracted to advertise on Tango as a result of its user demographics and large user base. In fact, more than 50% of Tango users are women and up to one-third are ages 25 to 33. It was in May this year that eBay launched a pilot program to advertise on Tango and the setting up of its next campaign on Tango app is in progress.

eBay is conducting test with the ad units of Tango, which comprise of discover ads, profile ads, native ads and chat ads. It is the name of the ad that depicts where the ad is positioned in the app. For instance, the display advert by eBay will be placed among consumer file of acquaintances she is conversing with, when eBay uses a chat advert.

On the other hand, an eBay advertisement will show in the context of newsfeed of Tango, in a native advert. For a profile ad however, eBay’s advert will come into view right at the pinnacle of a Tango user’s profile.

When a shopper is flicking through potential people to follow on Tango, just like swiping on Tinder dating app, a discover ad is used, and an eBay ad is featured as an important person to follow. In addition, discover ad will exhibit an eBay product, which a customer can hit to head to the mobile site of eBay.

It was recorded that other messaging app ads tried by eBay have been successful, but wouldn’t want to specify how Tango ads perform. While Tango app is used in 224 countries across the world, the U.S. clients are the largest geographic group, at almost one quarter to one third of users.

Tango app performs predominantly well with Spanish speakers in the United States because Tango provided access to free international calling and the name of the app. Tango that was established in 2009 was one of the foremost video calling apps on Android operating system.


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