Tango App Pros and Cons

Tango App Pros and Cons

Smartphones always let people stay in constant touch with their family and friends via various applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. These applications are mostly free to download and available in the app stores of various smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS. Every once in a while users get a new application to try out. Some make it big and become a part of their lives and some flat out fail miserably.

Tango is another one of the many video, text and media sharing applications. The application is free to download. It lets users chat via the built in instant messaging feature, video call and voice all. Alternatively the users may also send and receive media files, text files and a wide array of data. The application uses the internet to connect various users.

So the first plus point about the application is that it is available on both operating systems iOS and Android which makes it very accessible to users all over the world. The second very popular feature of the application is that it lets users switch between video and voice calls while being on call. This transition takes place with ease and without call drops. Call drops only happen when there is no internet or there’s an extremely poor signal. This application also lets users add friends, subscribe to channels, maintain a timeline and access a newsfeed. These features make it the all-round and one stop app for all communication and entertainment needs. The users can also indulge themselves in games which are compatible with the app. The other users playing the games are also visible and multiplayer gaming is easier that way.

Coming over to the cons and loopholes associated with the application, the first noticeable problems comes with the inconsistent video quality. A perfect picture is only available if the users are using impeccable access points. The second problems comes in the form of the video and audio synchronization. Videos often lag while the audio goes ahead. Secondly this application is not linkable with any social networking websites out there. This made users think that the app would perform flawlessly without video call glitches. But it wasn’t so. Even with the best of phones in the market the video quality is quite lower than the satisfactory benchmark.

All said and done, every app has its pros and cons and Tango is no different. The only things worth mentioning here are that the app is extremely simple to use and available to all users of both the popular operating systems. Secondly the application does come for free download which is never a bad thing. Adding friends and accessing the news feed does make it the all in one app for users to keep tabs on their loved ones but not everyone uses Tango to tell other what’s up. It is a great application if the users are all placed near awesome access points. The application definitely needs quite a lot of improvement but its OK to have Tango on a phone and use it once in a while.

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